Ace of Spades

Address: 1417 R St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Phone: (916) 930-0220



Info submitted by an abled ally who works at the venue, and supplemented with website info. Sounds fairly accessible!


Parking garage close by, and street parking. Some accessible spots in the parking garage.


Jump The Line?: Yes, disabled guests are allowed in first.

Stairs?: No, all flat.


Designated ADA Area?: Yes. View is almost side of stage on a raised section led up to with a ramp. View of stage is good most nights, however when some bands have lots of stage production it can be difficult to see from the area. Venue’s website says: “We are compliant with all ADA regulations. There is also a special seating area for those with mobility limitations. We are able to accommodate up to two people per party. To reserve a seat in our ADA section, please fill out this form. ADA Seating is not confirmed until you receive a response.”

Balcony?: There is a balcony with no price restrictions (excluding some nights), and there is an elevator.

Seating?: Yes, seating available if needed.


Accessible?: Yes, there is an accessible stall in the men’s/women’s restrooms.

Additional comments:

“We have staff members on specifically to help with ADA services and ensure they have a good experience at our shows. We do or best to meet accommodations ahead of time but can try our best to help night of show as well. There is free water available.”

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