American Legion Post 134

Address: 2104 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

Phone: (503) 284-7272



Accessible based on experience.


Parking around the venue is street only, and it’s a very high traffic area and can take a very long time to find any, and even if you do it’s unlikely to be accessible or close to the venue.


Jump The Line?: Unlikely to be a line because it’s a DIY space.

Stairs?: No, all flat.


Designated ADA Area?: No, but it’s a smaller venue so there’s usually a safe spot to view the show.

Seating?: Lots of chairs float around the room, so it shouldn’t be a problem to move one where you need it.


Accessible?: Yes, there is one gender neutral accessible restroom, but the doorway may be a bit tight for larger wheelchairs.

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