Analog Cafe & Theater

Address: 720 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

Phone: (503) 206-7439



Downstairs shows: Accessible based on experience

Upstairs shows: Inaccessible to those who cannot go up the equivalent of a flight of stairs.


Lots of free street parking in the area usually and some business lots nearby that are empty around show times.


Jump The Line?: Yes, disabled patrons are typically allowed in first.

Stairs?: Yes and no. For downstairs shows, everything is completely flat, but for upstairs shows, there’s a small flight of stairs, then a landing, then another small flight of stairs. There is no elevator. If you’re in a manual wheelchair, and can manage the stairs, they’ll carry your chair up for you.

ADA Area:

Designated ADA Area?: Not necessarily, but for downstairs shows most wheelchair users sit to the side of the stage. For upstairs shows, security is usually fine if you ask them to watch from side stage.

Seating?: Yes, there’s places to sit upstairs and downstairs, and it would likely be easy to put a chair where you need it with the venue’s permission.


Accessible: They are downstairs and accessible stalls in the men’s/women’s restrooms. No available upstairs restroom.

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