Bada Brew

Address: 802 Theodore St, Crest Hill, IL 60403

Phone: (815) 726-3401



Accessible and accommodating except for restrooms for wheelchair users.


Limited accessible parking in the venue’s parking lot, which is part of a strip mall. There is a church across the street with additional parking.


Jump The Line?: No, disabled guests aren’t let in first.

Stairs?: No, flat to get in.


Designated ADA Area?: Not officially, but their staff is accommodating and will escort you to side stage. Staff may need you to move off the stage while band’s load in and out, but will let you back on side stage during sets.

Seating?: Available if needed.


Accessible?: There’s an accessible restroom, but it’s kind of hidden next to the stage, so ask staff where it is if they don’t tell you.

Additional Information:

“Their staff is great, but the bathrooms are very small and difficult to navigate in a wheelchair.”

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