Bonner Springs Warped Tour

Info is based on the 2017 Tour at the Providence Medical Center Amphitheater.

Address: 633 N 130th St, Bonner Springs, KS 66012

Phone: (913) 825-3400



Semi-accessible, but needs a lot of improvements.


There are a few rows of accessible parking near the venue gates.


Jump The Line?: Based on experience, yes, disabled attendees are let in first.

Stairs?: It’s flat to get in, but there’s an unavoidable extremely large and steep hill down to the stage area.

ADA Area:

Designated ADA Area?: At some stages yes, but the ADA platforms were far from the stages which made it difficult to see. Other times it was hard to get accommodations because not all staff members were clear on what different wristbands meant.

Seating?: Mainly in the amphitheater.


Accessible?: Yes

Additional comments:

Staff knowledge on how things were to be run needs improvement across the board in order for accommodations to be properly met and for safety of all fans to be ensured. All stages need to be accommodating.

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