Crystal Ballroom

Address: 1332 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209

Phone: (503) 225-0047



Accessible based on one person’s experience, but can vary based on needed accommodations and age.


Pay-to-park street parking and lots that are usually full and inaccessible.


Jump The Line?: Yes, they always let disabled fans in first.

Stairs?: Flat to get inside to the elevator to go to both show floors.

ADA Area:

Designated ADA Area?: Unclear depending on needed accommodations. Upon request, the staff is quite helpful in getting you a place to watch. Underage fans may be able to sit between the all ages and 21+ sections, but sometimes staff is worried about crowdsurfers and won’t allow this. It seems they put 21+ disabled fans somewhere else.

Balcony?: Yes, 21+. Stairs to it.

Seating?: Unsure of availability.


Accessible?: Yes, there’s accessible stalls in the men’s/women’s restrooms.

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