PREMIERE: Luciano Ferrara & The Ensuing Disaster share “Lavender & Honey”


November, 2019
AUTHOR: Cassie Wilson
Category: Premieres

Though you may connect Half Access to Luciano Ferrara & The Ensuing Disaster through the interview we did with them or through their participation in Access Live, today we’re excited to be premiering “Lavender & Honey,” the second single from their new EP. Accompanying the new song is a music video by Timeline Visuals. Their new EP, The Hidebehind, is out next Friday, November 15, was produced by A Will Away/Steadfast Studios.

Photo by Jess Ascone

Beginning as a solo artist, Luciano Ferrara spent the better part of eight years releasing music as an acoustic songwriter. Now, with The Ensuing Disaster, Ferrara has transitioned to full band, combining his unique style with the skills of other talented musicians to bring a new breed of folk rock to the modern music community. Adding a new dynamic to the high energy performances Ferrara is known for, The Ensuing Disaster is an enigmatic experience that can be enjoyed by all.

When talking about the new song, Ferrara explains:

“Lavender & Honey was the first song I wrote for this EP, and it’s got a super special place in my heart. After kind of forfeiting my familiarity, I found myself in unfamiliar territory, wanting something so badly that I ignored how it was hurting me. In the end, I had to learn that comfort is intrinsic, and if you’re not cool with yourself, you can’t make anyone else be: ‘I can’t control you, but you can’t console me.'”

Listen to “Lavender & Honey”:

The Hidebehind by Luciano Ferrara & The Ensuing Disaster is out November 15, 2019.


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