Showbox Sodo

Address: 1700 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134

Phone: (206) 652-0444


Accessibility can vary from show to show.


“Can’t guarantee it but I’m pretty sure there is because it’s next to the Stadiums in Seattle so all of the parking is pretty accessible for everyone.”


Jump The Line?: Unsure if disabled guests are let in first.

Stairs?: No, flat to get in.


Designated ADA Area?: “Depends on who’s doing security. If the bald guys are doing security they will let disabled people sit in the area between the crowd and stage.”

Seating?: Yes, there’s chairs available if you need to sit.

Balcony?: “No there isn’t, just two risers off to the side that fans can stand on to get a better view point.”


Accessible?: “Stairs to restrooms but there might be a ramp through the bar I believe.”

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