St. Andrew’s Hall

Address: 431 E Congress St, Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (313) 961-8961



Not accessible.


Very limited parking. Must pay for parking next to venue or must park elsewhere. Parking next to/across from venue is not wheelchair accessible once filled. Certain areas also have uneven walkways.


Jump The Line?: Usually disabled fans are allowed in first, but can vary from show to show.

Their website says: Purchase an ADA ticket via Ticketmaster at any price level either online or via phone. Upon arrival, please come to front doors and contact the St. Andrew’s Hall door staff. They will assist you to our ADA section. Please call ahead if you require ramp access 313-961-8961.

Stairs?: Yes, there’s no other way inside.


Designated ADA Area?: No, but at some shows, security will set up a viewing riser at the back, but you must be lifted on and off by security.

Added info: an ADA area can be set up if you call ahead.

Seating?: None available.

Balcony?: There is a balcony but it is sometimes restricted by special tickets. There are also stairs to the balcony and no elevator.


Accessible?: Updated with accessible restrooms.

Additional Information:

The person who submitted info on this venue added the following overview on this venue:

“This venue is incredibly inconsistent when providing accommodations and assistance to disabled patrons. Staff has been known to be rude in the past when questioned or asked for help, and generally, do not provide much help other than carrying disabled patrons up the stairs into the venue because there are no accessible entrances. The venue website has also stated in the past that by buying a ticket you are acknowledging that you have been informed that the venue is not accessible to disabled patrons and that there are no accessible bathrooms/bars/seating. In the past I have been told I am not allowed to be up front because of my wheelchair, but was not given any options as to where I could sit. The venue is a General Audience set up both in their upstairs and downstairs venues and there is no where for wheelchair users to sit safely and see the show in either room.
Sometimes, they will allow disabled patrons to sit in front of the barricades with security but, again they are very inconsistent and usually say no if asked about barricade seating.”

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