Trocadero Theater

Address: 1003 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: (215) 922-6888




Info submitted by venue staff.


There’s some streets with a few specific accessible spots that have signs marking them, and there a lot of parking garages around, and at least one is definitely accessible.


Jump The Line?: No, disabled guests aren’t let in first.

Stairs?: Yes, but there’s a ramp.


Designated ADA Area?: Yes. There is a step down in the main room to get onto the floor so the ADA section is right next to the sound booth on the raised section, about 4-6 chairs are put in this area and it isn’t really blocked off, there are just some signs.

Balcony?: There is a balcony, and there are two staircases, but no elevators.

Seating?: Yes, seats available in ADA section.


Accessible?: No there are not accessible restrooms. The ones in the main hall have a small step to get to them.

Additional comments:

There’s accessible public transit near the venue, a variety of buses and the subways are accessible. The venue tries to be accessible but the only bathrooms in the main hall have a small step up, making them inaccessible.

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