Alan Jay Wildstein Center for the Performing Arts

Phone Number: (863) 784-7178
Parking & Transportation:

Accessible parking is located on each side of and behind the Alan Jay Wildstein Center. A covered drop-off area, with curbside assistance, is available one hour prior to performances in the Wildstein Center. Golf cart transport from the parking lots to the theater is available before Wildstein Center performances.

For performances at the University Center, accessible parking is in front of the building.

Stairs: No, it's all flat to get inside and to the show space
Stairs – Other/Details:

Elevator access to the orchestra and balcony is located in the center of the main lobby of the Wildstein Center.

Is There A Designated Accessible Seating Area? Yes, there's an accessible seating area
Accessible Seating Area Details

From venue website: All theaters have wheelchair and scooter-accessible locations where patrons can remain in their mobility devices or transfer to theater seats. Patrons who cannot or do not wish to transfer from their wheelchairs to a theater seat should request wheelchair-accessible locations when ordering tickets. Seats with removable armrests are available in both venues for patrons who wish to transfer to theater seats. Bariatric chairs are available in the Wildstein Center with advance notice. Wheelchair-accessible seating and wheelchair companion seating may be purchased by phone, in person, and online. For personal assistance selecting accessible seats or for more information about accessibility for a person with a disability, please contact the box office at 863-784-7178 or send an email to:

Accommodations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patrons:

From venue website: Assistive listening devices are available at the concession stand in the Wildstein Center. There is no charge, however, a driver’s license or a state ID is required as a deposit. The Wildstein Center for the Performing Arts is equipped with a Starkey Hearing Technologies Surflink Media Device. It provides High Fidelity Sound by streaming performances directly into your Starkey Hearing Instruments. Not compatible with other hearing devices.

Sign language translation services are available upon request.

Restrooms – Other/Details:

There is an accessible restroom.

Additional Comments:

Backstage: Accessible with no stairs, wide hallways, water fountains at an appropriate height.
There is a quiet sensory safe space available.
Staff are trained on accessibility.
See venue website for more details.

This Information Is Current As Of: May 2021
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