Mac’s Bar

Phone Number: (517) 484-6795
Parking & Transportation:

Parking is in a dirt lot outside of the venue, as well as the empty lot across the side street. I do not believe there are any marked accessible parking spots in the immediate area.

Jump the Line: No, disabled patrons are not allowed in first, Unsure if disabled patrons are allowed in first
Stairs – Other/Details:

There is a ramp at an alternate entrance.

Lighting Safety Warnings Sometimes the venue posts warnings about unsafe lighting (or only if posted specifically by a band playing there) No, the venue never posts warnings about unsafe lighting
Is There A Designated Accessible Seating Area? No, there's not an accessible seating area
Accessible Seating Area Details

There is typically open space on the side of the stage, but it is in no way designated as such.

Seating: Yes, there's seating available for those who need it

There are movable chairs in the space, often already out or available by request. They are typically on the wall adjacent to the stage. There are also bar stools and very limited bar height table space as well.

Restrooms: No, there are no accessible restrooms Unsure if there are accessible restrooms
Restrooms – Other/Details:

Restrooms are not clearly marked. When looking at the doors, the door on the left contains two stalls and the door on the right contains a stall and urinal.

This Information Is Current As Of: October 2019
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