Rock City

This Information Is Current As Of: November 2019
Phone Number: +44 115 950 6547
Parking & Transportation: Note: Park at your own risk. Obey any local parking signage. Check with the venue for the most up to date information.

There is a pay and display car park with accessible bays across the road from the venue and on-street blue badge parking is free of charge in various areas nearby

Jump the Line: Yes, disabled patrons are allowed in first and early
Jump the Line – Other:

Access Card holders with difficulty standing and queuing can get in touch to arrange early entry.

Stairs: Yes, there are stairs and no other way inside
Stairs – Other/Details:

Most parts of the venue have stepped access and the main hall is only accessible via 1 flight of stairs at the rear of Rock City or from Black Cherry Lounge.

Is There A Designated Accessible Seating Area? No, there's not an accessible seating area
Balcony Details:

Standing balcony with step only access. There are some seats/benches but don't have a view of the stage so aren't usually used by people to watch the bands.

Seating: Yes, there's seating available for those who need it

Seating can be provided on request

Accommodations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patrons:

Venue website says: For customers with difficulty accessing audible information pre-visit feel free to use type talk to get in touch or any of the other communication methods via our website.

For more information please go to:

Restrooms: Yes, there's a single family/accessible/gender neutral restroom
Restrooms – Other/Details:

Venue website says: We have one disabled toilet in the Black Cherry Lounge which is accessed via the Black Cherry Lounge with a small change of level on the entrance from the pavement. We do not have a disabled toilet in the main hall, however, staff will try to ensure speedy toilet access to Access Cardholders with the WC symbol.

Additional Comments:

More info from venue website:

For customers with difficulty accessing visual information, our phone line can provide you with additional information to meet your needs.

Customers with accessibility difficulties who need a full-time assistant in order to attend the event are eligible to purchase 2-for-1 tickets, in order to bring a personal assistant or carer to the event at no extra cost.

Due to the current layout of our venue we have limited disabled access, we are currently unable to accommodate customers with larger or motorised wheelchairs in the main hall. We can accommodate wheelchair users in Black Cherry Lounge and Basement as we have only one small change in level to access these areas.

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