This Information Is Current As Of: April 2023
Phone Number: 412.586.4441
Venue Email: info@spiritpgh.com
Parking & Transportation: Note: Park at your own risk. Obey any local parking signage. Check with the venue for the most up to date information.

Parking lots on either side of the building as well as street parking on 51st street.

Bag Policy: No large bags, backpacks or duffel bags, ask security if you need special accommodations.
Jump the Line: Unsure if disabled patrons are allowed in first
Stairs: Yes, there are stairs and no other way inside
Stairs – Other/Details:

The downstairs room is accessible via a ramp at the rear patio entrance. The upstairs room is not ADA-compliant.

Is There A Designated Accessible Seating Area? Unsure if there's an accessible seating area
Seating: Unsure if there's seating available for those who need it
Restrooms: Yes, there's a single family/accessible/gender neutral restroom
Restrooms – Other/Details:

Accessible restroom near kitchen downstairs.

Additional Comments:

I, a nondisabled person, went to this venue in October for a show. Then in November, I tried to visit again, but was unable to get answers to my questions about accessibility for my disabled friend I was going to accompany. I called multiple times to ask questions about alternate entrances to the upstairs, early entry, and whether they had a chair my friend could sit in since she was going to use her walker in response to the wheelchair inaccessible entrance stairs. The first few times I called, a recording simply told me to call again. The last time that I called, I was able to leave a message asking the aforementioned questions. I never got a call back and the show came and went. It was also nonrefundable, so my two friends and I waisted our money. I'm not sure if the lack of response was intentional, but it sure felt like they would rather just take our money and not have us come than try to accommodate. I would not advise visiting this venue for shows that are on the top floor if you are physically disabled.

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