The Canal Club

Phone Number: 804-643-2582
Venue Email:
Parking & Transportation:

There is an honor park (large lot) directly next to the building. The cost is $6. There is plenty of accessible parking, if the venue is able to plan ahead and the spots are not taken by artist vehicles or fans unfamiliar with the lots.

Jump the Line: Unsure if disabled patrons are allowed in first
Stairs: Yes, there are stairs and no other way inside
Stairs – Other/Details:

The entrance is stairs - there is no other way inside unfortunately. The venue in the past has assessed each case by case, to hoist/carry individuals before doors.

Venue website says: Our first floor is accessible; the second floor is not so easy. We try to accommodate all our customers so if you have special needs, please contact us so we can arrange to assist you when you arrive.

Is There A Designated Accessible Seating Area? No, there's not an accessible seating area
Seating: Yes, there's seating available for those who need it

There are some tables with tall chairs and booths along the sides. In some cases, if backstage is not super full, the venue has allowed side-stage access.

There are 4-5 high top tables with chairs and 5-6 booths elevated near the rear of the venue with a good stage view.

Venue website says: All shows are General Admission unless noted on web site. There is limited seating available on a first come first serve basis.

Accommodations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patrons:

Unsure if accommodations are available.

Restrooms: Yes, there's an accessible stall in the men's/women's restrooms
Restrooms – Other/Details:

There is an ADA stall in the women's room.

Additional Comments:

Sensory safety: They would need to exit, but reentry is allowed. The venue generally gives them water, has security clear them a path or checks in on them.

This Information Is Current As Of: November 2021
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