Wonder Ballroom

Address: 128 NE Russell St Portland, OR 97212

Phone: (503) 284-8686

Website: wonderballroom.com


Accessible to enter, but there’s no consistent spot to view the show.


Mainly free street parking. There’s also a lot next door that a lot of people park in, but I don’t know if you’re technically allowed to or not.


Jump the line?: Yes, disabled patrons are typically let in before doors open

Stairs?: Yes, but there’s a separate entrance and an elevator.

ADA Area:

Designated ADA area?: No. If there’s space, sometimes you’re allowed where the artists’ gear is stored for a clear view, but otherwise it’s up to you to find a spot to be.

Balcony?: Yes it is seated, but there’s stairs, it’s first come, first serve and it’s 21+.

Seating: None that’s easily accessible, no info on if chairs can be provided.


Accessible?: Yes

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