Aladdin Theater

Phone Number: (503) 234-9694
Parking & Transportation:

There is one accessible spot in the parking lot of the pharmacy next door. There is also one accessible on-street parking spot across the street and a block south of the venue. The rest is free on-street parking. There is also a bus stop SE Powell & Milwaukee. The #19 bus.

Jump the Line: Yes, disabled patrons are allowed in first
Stairs: No, it's all flat to get inside and to the show space
Stairs – Other/Details:

Please note it's an old movie theater, so the aisles between seats are long slopes.

Is There A Designated Accessible Seating Area? Yes, there's an accessible seating area
Accessible Seating Area Details

There are two official ADA areas. One is in the back right if you are facing the stage. The other is a quarter of the way to the stage behind the sound board to the left of the stage. You can also sit in the front. It is an old movie house so sometimes they put folding chairs in the “mosh” area and some times it is open. Either way, they will remove a folding chair if you want to sit in a wheelchair in those first four rows or you can park in front of a folded up old movie theater style seat.

Balcony Details:

There is a balcony but there are stairs. The balcony can be cheaper for non GA shows.


It's a seated venue.

Restrooms: Yes, there's a single family/accessible/gender neutral restroom
This Information Is Current As Of: December 2017
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