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Half Access is a nonprofit that helps crowdsource accessibility information on venues around the world, but we do not represent any venues so you will need to contact the venue you’re going to directly about accommodations. For venues in our database, we have their known contact info listed on the page. If a venue isn’t in our database or it is but you are unsure who to reach out to and have the name of the venue you are going to we would be more than happy to try and help find that info for you.

Does our website meet the technical guidance for web accessibility? We’re working hard to make sure our website is accessible. Please fill out our contact form below if you have any comments or concerns.


Our Board Members

Cassie Wilson

Cassie Wilson

Lives in Boring, Oregon

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Cassie is the founder of Half Access.

She has a dwarfism that caused her bones to twist as she grew, so she’s had a multitude of surgeries. She can’t stand for long periods of time, so at concerts she uses a manual wheelchair. In early 2017, she faced a lot of discrimination at one particular venue and her frustration with them allowed her to find her voice in issues of ableism and inaccessibility, and ultimately create Half Access to turn her frustration into positive, productive energy and be able to help the rest of the disabled community in the process.

Outside of H/A she enjoys playing guitar and piano, reading, and crocheting. She also spends a lot of her time doing local climate and transportation justice organizing.

Cassie can never stop talking about artists like Harry Styles, One Direction, A Will Away, Olivia Rodrigo, Lorde, boygenius, and Glacier Veins.

Codie Porter

Codie Porter

Lives in Portland, Oregon

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Codie works endlessly on listening to 1,000 albums and seeing 50-100 films every single year. Codie met Cassie at a Knuckle Puck show through a wondrous moment of eavesdropping regarding a conversation about Julien Baker. But their friendship didn’t truly blossom for another week on Leap Year Day (2/29/16) at From Indian Lakes. From there on out, Cassie has been his best friend. Codie joined Half Access because every single human being deserves to enjoy their favorite artists/bands (and then some), no matter what. Since Cassie started it on day one, he knew he wanted to do something to help, and now we all can.

Favorite artists: Nick Cave, Bruce Springsteen, Run The Jewels, My Chemical Romance, and clipping..

TJ Hayes

TJ Hayes

Lives in Chicago, Illinois

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TJ is a college student focused on social media and digital strategy as well as music business and is based in Chicago. They are physically disabled and are also incredibly in love with live music. If they aren’t at school or work they are almost definitely checking out a show. TJ first found Half Access after the APMA’s and connected with Cassie on social media. They have experienced years of inaccessibility in live music and want to see a change so the future of disabled people can enjoy live music equally and without issue. Their favorite artists right now include Assuming We Survive, The Maine, Silverstein, The Ghost Inside, Action/Adventure and Simple Plan.
Nova Akins

Nova Akins

Lives in Portland, Oregon

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Nova is studying Music & Sonic Arts at Portland Community College with a focus on audio engineering and vocal theory. She spends most of her time trying to harness her muses by pursuing many creative outlets including writing, experimenting with modular synths, singing, graphic art, and teaching yoga.

Nova has a passion for volunteering and enjoys being apart of all things innovative and exciting in the local community. Nova moved to Oregon in the fall of 2016 where she met Cassie via mutual friends. With a shared passion for live music and the increasing awareness of the inequality in venues, Nova is proud to join Half Access on its vital journey.

Nova’s probably listening to The Hotelier, Lorde, Against Me!, Halsey, Half Waif, or Waxahatchee at any given moment.

Valerie Gritsch

Valerie Gritsch

Lives in Queens, New York

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Valerie is a lifelong music fan who works with the independent label, Xtra Mile Recordings doing social media and fan engagement. Her academic pursuits led her to graduate school where she continues to study music fandom. Her scholarly work has been presented at various conferences and has been published in the Journal of Popular Culture. She also crafts and sells her art online.

Valerie was drawn to Half Access because of her own chronic illnesses and disabilities, which include Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. She’s struggled with having her own access needs met in the past, both in the crowd as a fan and backstage as a music industry professional. She is honored to join the Half Access team to continue to raise awareness on the discrimination disabled fans face and work to solve these problems so everyone has a chance to experience the power and joy of live music.

Valerie never takes Frank Turner, Chris Farren, Jeff Rosenstock, They Might Be Giants, Lizzo, or the Menzingers off repeat.