Orlando Amphitheater

Phone Number: (407) 295-3247
Parking & Transportation:

There is a giant field for GA parking which is directly in front of the fairgrounds. There are 8-10 accessible spots available near the main office at the fairgrounds. Drop offs can happen directly in front of the box office. This is a dirt road (not paved).

The parking and entrance area is mostly dirt/gravel/field. Once you enter through the main gates, it is predominantly asphalt which also leads to the merch area and the F&B vendors. The amphitheater viewing area is all grass/field. The ADA section is house right of the mix position, it is located on grass/field, but is the closest area to the asphalt.

Jump the Line – Other:

Please let the box office know of any accessibility needs, and they can accommodate day of.

Stairs – Other/Details:

It’s a flat entrance to the box office, the merch, and the vendor area, there are stairs to the back of the amphitheater, but you can also access this area on a flat terrain, house right.

Accessible Seating Area Details

There is an accessible area but there are no seats. It is standing room ADA only. The view is about 100’ to the stage and poor/nonexistent sightlines if sitting.

Restrooms – Other/Details:

There are public restrooms directly behind the main gate, as well as directly behind the food truck area with accessible stalls.

Additional Comments:

Chairs are permitted ONLY with a doctor’s note. Small bags are allowed into the venue - subject to a bag search. Medications are allowed as long as labeled, no outside food and beverage allowed in. We allow 1 unopened bottle of water, or empty refillable water jugs. Ear plugs are unavailable on site, please bring with you if needed.

Emergency exit info: the exit to the fairgrounds is the same area as the entrance. In an emergency, more of the fence is opened for egress. This area is clearly visible at the fairgrounds when patrons arrive.

Power outlets: Outlets are not available for charging mobility devices. That being said, if there is an emergency regarding a person with an accessibility ticket, they should speak with the box office reps and they will do everything in their power to accommodate the request and help with the situation.

This Information Is Current As Of: November 2022
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