Starland Ballroom

This Information Is Current As Of: December 2019
Phone Number: (732) 238-5500
Parking & Transportation: Note: Park at your own risk. Obey any local parking signage. Check with the venue for the most up to date information.

The venue has its own lot. There are no designated spots, so just notify the parking attendant that you need accessible parking and show your card. They’ll direct you to park in the first row of cars where “Star Parking” passes park right in front of the entrance.

Jump the Line: Yes, disabled patrons are allowed in first and early
Jump the Line – Other:

Find a security guard at the venue and notify them that you are a disabled patron. "My mom has MS and is not “visibly disabled” so she would have to show her disabled ID. They always let us in before the other patrons so she could get a seat along one of the bar sections."

Stairs: Yes, there are stairs, but there's a ramp Yes, there are stairs, but there's an alternate entrance without stairs
Stairs – Other/Details:

The front entrance has a ramp and then there’s a side entrance with another ramp which may be where you're brought in when let in early. Security should direct you to which entrance to use though!

Is There A Designated Accessible Seating Area? Yes, there's an accessible seating area
Accessible Seating Area Details

"There is a space reserved for accessible seating. Visual from the stage is pretty good. There aren’t any seats there last I saw, I believe it’s meant to serve as a spot for wheelchairs, so if you’re someone that needs a place to sit, ask them to let you in early so you can grab a seat along the bar in the back or stage right. Both spots have a great view of the stage. My mom usually opts for the chairs stage right."

Seating: Yes, there's seating available for those who need it

Tell security before entering to let you in early so you can get a seat since it’s limited in the venue.

Restrooms: Yes, there's an accessible stall in the men's/women's restrooms
Restrooms – Other/Details:

There are restrooms in the back of the venue by the merch area. If you’re someone that cannot use stairs, that one will likely work best. Otherwise there are bathrooms behind the stage as well. There are 2-3 steps from the elevated platform where chairs and accessible seating are.

Additional Comments:

There is a strict no medication policy enforced at this venue.

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