Disabled People to the Front


May, 2023

AUTHOR: Half Access

Category: Half/Access Info

Concerts have the power to bring people together, connecting us on a profound level through music. But for people with disabilities, enjoying live music can be a challenging and exclusionary experience. Live music venues continue to be stagnant in their accessibility, despite the Americans with Disabilities Act being signed into law over 30 years ago. That’s where the “Disabled People to the Front” movement comes in. 

Disabled People to the Front” is a call to action, advocating for a fundamental shift in how we perceive and include individuals with disabilities in all aspects of life, particularly in the realm of live music. It encourages placing disabled individuals at the forefront, both figuratively and literally, to ensure equal participation and enjoyment. This movement aims to break down physical and societal barriers, giving everyone the opportunity to fully engage with and appreciate live music.

The “Disabled People to the Front” movement serves as a reminder that equal participation is a right that should be extended to everyone. By raising awareness and actively working towards improving accessibility in music venues, we can foster an inclusive and vibrant community that embraces the diversity of music fans. Together, let’s make music accessible to all – without any barriers.


Want to support the movement? Check out our “Disabled People to the Front” t-shirt on Bonfire. Thank you to Ty Dykema (tmd.art on Instagram) for the rockin’ design!

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