Bronson Centre Theatre

This Information Is Current As Of: October 2019
Phone Number: +1 613-237-5550
Parking & Transportation: Note: Park at your own risk. Obey any local parking signage. Check with the venue for the most up to date information.

There are few parking spots in front of the venue as well as additional parking spots in the back. Parking is free after 3pm. There are bus stops and street parking along the street. There’s also a paid parking lot a few blocks down next to the Chinatown archways.

Jump the Line: Yes, disabled patrons are allowed in first and early
Stairs: Yes, there are stairs, but there's a ramp
Stairs – Other/Details:

Concert goers typically enter from a side door where they'll show ID then are lead downstairs to Community Hall/ Mac Hall. This is where tickets are scanned as well as coat check and a bar. There are also bars in the main entrance and the show floor. There are a few sets of stairs that lead patrons from the Community Hall/ Mac Hall to the main floor/ show floor. There is a ramp that leads from the main floor to Community Hall/ Mac Hall.

One can also get into the venue through the main entrance-although there are a few steps to get into the main lobby there is a ramp. The show floor is flat.

Is There A Designated Accessible Seating Area? Yes, there's an accessible seating area
Accessible Seating Area Details

Security will escort disabled patrons to the ADA section.

Balcony Details:

There are both stairs and an elevator to get to the balcony. But since the venue/ community centre was initially a high school the elevator is not located near the main entrance. Those who require the elevator should ask for assistance.

The balcony has fixed seats. Ticket prices are set by the promoter.

Seating: Unsure if there's seating available for those who need it
Restrooms: Yes, there's an accessible stall in the men's/women's restrooms
Restrooms – Other/Details:

There are two washrooms that are always gender neutral. Washrooms can be made gender neutral at the request of the artist. The are accessible stalls in the washroom.

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