Brooklyn Academy of Music Fisher Building

Parking & Transportation:

A parking lot is available across the street with an elevator and 24 hour illuminated access. There is street parking as well as “driveway” ramps for wheelchair users.

Jump the Line: Yes, disabled patrons are allowed in first and early
Stairs: No, it's all flat to get inside and to the show space
Stairs – Other/Details:

Stairs may be added to the play space for certain shows, but they always maintain a 3’ aisle for movement as well as dedicated accessible seating on the floor level.

Is There A Designated Accessible Seating Area? Yes, there's an accessible seating area
Accessible Seating Area Details

For seated shows patrons can choose to use the first level, or the balcony level seating. If they are able to climb stairs, but need time or assistance they have first access to the theater. Standing shows will always have balcony level areas cordoned off for those with disabilities, and the railing is low enough to see over too!

Balcony Details:

Dedicated elevator, all seats are the same price, space for wheelchairs, specialized chairs, or they can provide seats!

Seating: Yes, there's seating available for those who need it

Unless the show is advertised as a standing room party, there will be a seat for everyone! If it is a standing room party they can give you a chair and a place to sit. All of their spaces are wheelchair accessible through an ADA door.

Accommodations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patrons:

They specify if shows are using subtitles in their ads and have infrared AL devices for borrow

Restrooms: Yes, there's an accessible stall in the men's/women's restrooms Yes, there's a single family/accessible/gender neutral restroom
Restrooms – Other/Details:

Little access to gender neutral restroom. Restrooms are either on the same level or one floor away via elevator.

Additional Comments:

Venue posts fog and lighting warnings. This is a flexible venue space, so accessibility may look different from show to show.

This Information Is Current As Of: December 2018
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